President's Mess.
Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS
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San Diego - Get ready for the biggest, most
stupendous Comic-Con EVER!

In the years since our (dearly departed)
member Shel Dorf created Comic-Con it has
grown from a small gathering of comic book
fans in a hotel basement into an international
behemoth. It sold out its over 100,000 tickets
in minutes. The Convention Center can no
longer hold all of its many events, so the
convention is now creating a sprawl
encompassing nearby hotels and restaurants.

The anticipation is growing and
soon locals
will begin to see the transformation of
downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District into a
Hollywood superhero wonderland with
gigantic signage and eye-popping displays.

he SCCS will again be joining the National
Cartoonists Society in throwing our annual
Comic-Con kick off party on the first regular
night of the Con, Thursday July

We thank Greg Evans for his wonderful invite!

This year we will not be throwing a
Comic-Con cartoon contest but instead
posting photos and cartoons from
Comic-Cons past.

This year I will NOT be wearing
my Wonder
costume, so you will easily be able to
recognize me with my normal pony tails.
Come up and say hello!

As always, our webmaster Jack Zabawa and I
welcome any cartoonist newsworthy stories
from our members.

2014 Party at Buster's with Luann's Greg and Betty Evans, their
daughter Karen and a shocked Lynn (For Better of Worse) Johnston.
SCCS Founder, the late, great, Jim Whiting sandwiched
by the fabulous Bancroft Bros.

Dan Piraro of Bizarro signs in to the party.

National Cartoonist Society president and Mad
Tom Richmond chats with Greg Evans artist.

Dan Piraro chats with RC Harvey

SCCS Past President Dean LeCrone w yours truly.