Know the answers to these comic strip questions? The
first person who brings the correct answers to Karyl at
the next SCCS meeting wins a free SCCS T-shirt!
And NO Googling!
Print this out.  Write the correct answers below the questions.

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1) What cartoon hero was in love with Sweet Polly Purebred?

2) What cartoon character made his first appearance in 1919 in the five
minute short "Feline Follies?"

3) What cartoon features a team of superheroes that includes Cyborg,
Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven?

4) Inspired by an unflattering baby photo of himself, what cartoon
character did Bob Clampett create in 1942?

5) How many years after the debut of Mickey Mouse was it before Minnie
Mouse made her first appearance?

6) In a 1965 episode of The Flintstones, what little green alien from the
planet Zetox is assigned to serve prehistoric "dumb-dumbs" Fred and

7) What blue-skinned cartoon characters took North America by storm in

8) What cartoon characters were created when Professor Utonium
accidentally added "Chemical X" to a concoction that also included
sugar, spice, and everything nice?

9) What cartoon, accompanied by a collectible card game, became a huge
hit in Japan in 1998?

10) Which superheroes did NOT appear in the Super Friends cartoons?