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November 16, 2006 - Joanne Stephens will be the guest artist promoting
her at the tony Muttropolis boutique 7755 Girard Ave, La
Jolla.  The high end dog and cat doo-dad store will hold a wine and cheese
"mutt mingle" from 5PM to 7:30 PM. You and your mutt are invited.

October 19, 2006 4:pm to 5:pm -  Darlene Douthit conducts a CARTOON
92509, 951-682-5485

Friday Oct 20, 2006 4:pm to 5:pm -  Darlene Douthit conducts a  
Ave Lake Elsinore CA 92530, 951-245-3918

October 1, 2006 - Sunday sccs artists Janet Williams, Joanne
Stephens,  Darlene Douthit, Wardell Brown, Greg Mullendore,  Jorge
Pacheco,  Maury Auseng, Batton Lash and
Karyl Miller drew caricatures for
the annual Make A Wish Tuna Challenge fund- raising event

September 20 - Dean LeCrone conducted a series of very funny interviews
at July'06 Comic-Con and is currently (with his friend and biz partner)
editing them into a feature!  For a preview of the hilarious happenings go to

July 29 - Greg Evans  Art exhibit "Luann & Friends: Comic Families"
The California Center for the Arts, Escondido, Museum will be featuring
artwork by Greg Evans in the upcoming exhibition “Luann & Friends: Comic
Families” scheduled to run July 29th through October 1st, 2006. A generous
sampling of other family-themed comic strips will be on view including “For
Better or For Worse”, “Family Circus”, “Baby Blues”, “One Big Happy”, and
“Pickles”, as well as individual pieces from “Peanuts”, “Mutts”, “Big Nate”,
“Sherman’s Lagoon”, “Cathy”, and “Garfield” to name a few. MORE ...

July 27 - Doreen and David Dotson (  have re-joined SCCS
(Welcome back!) and appeared on their local T.V. news station, mentioned
SCCS and and talked about how helpful and fun it has been
for them on their journey toward their American Dream: successful comic
strip creators. Their strip Outzkirts now appears in 50 newspapers!

July 21 - Wardell Brown's graphic novel "The Nice Guy's Guide to Dating
Women" is introduced and sells out at Comic-Con !!

July 16 - Shel Dorf  San Diego Union Tribune says he started Comic-Con
MORE ...

September 1 - Joe Schmidt                                                   www.
My cartoons are going to be in the upcoming "National Lampoon Favorite
Cartoons of the 21st Century" . All you see is the cover design... but hey,
inside are the mindless scribbles of mine.

June 26 - Sept 2 Don Soul - to draw caricatures at the famed Hotel Del
Coronado three afternoons a week

June 26 - Jim Whiting - San Diego Coast newspaper features story w/
photospread and 'toons

June 6 - Priscilla Smith -
I live in Salem, in is western Kenosha county. It is in a lovely neighborhood
in view of a scenic small lake ..... not far from  Antioch, Illinois. We are  
just across the border here in Wisconsin. That is the area where my family
came from and where most still live. Both of my parents were born in
Wadsworth (outside of Antioch and about 30 miles west of Waukegan). I
came back to this area to be by my family. I felt my daughter would never
see her relatives again if we stayed in California. I do, however, really miss
being there and sometimes wonder if I did the right thing. But now that
I've invited my parents to live with us, I (for the most part) realize this
was a good decision. They are so sweet, but have a little trouble doing
things as they are getting on in years. My dad is 88. He reads to my
daughter from the James Herriott books (All Creatures Great & Small,
etc.) He helps me with the garden. My mom is an artist and also loves to do
crossword puzzles, just like me. So we are happy campers. (But I do, so
much, miss our old friends.)

Keep on keepin' us laughin' ....