San Diego Blood Bank
July 2007

C U in September!

Sept. 11 TUESDAY,
Games! Cartoon and
Comic Strip Trivia,
Drawing Popeye etc.
from Memory Contest.  
Fun. Food. Prizes!
SD Blood Bank

Sept. 22 - 23, Sat., Sun
ArtSplashCarlsbad.  SCCS
will have a booth

September 30 - Make A
Wish - fund raising event
Silvergate Yacht Club

Oct. 10, Greg "Luann"
SD Blood Bank

Nov.  14, Dinner, Show 'n
Tell - Advanced

Grandma's Hilltop
539 Vista Bella,

Dec. 12,  Holiday Party
An annual blast.  Games,
fun, 'n food  -  
Magic Place.

SCCS - ncs
kick-off party!

Thursday, July 26, 2007  7:30 - 10:30 PM

Buster's BeachHouse and Longboard

807 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego

Food, fun, drink, contests, prizes!

Luann's Greg Evans + many surprise
celeb cartoonists!

All just STEPS from the Convention

$15 + no-host bar
Buster's BeachHouse
Comic-Con by Karyl Miller
Con, so it’s not too soon to start obsessing about
yet every year I go fewer days than the year yet
every year I go fewer days than the year before.  I’
m now down to Preview Night plus Day One
because after that I can’t face the hassle.  Every
day the crowd grows exponentially till by the Every
day the crowd grows exponentially till by the forth
day the only way to get anywhere near the
Convention Center is via helicopter or Hovercraft.
Convention Center is via helicopter or Hovercraft.

Case in point: Last year on account of Jack’s very
important classified computer work involving the
Navy,  bombs,  F18’s and saving our country, he
is once again about to waste a perfectly good four
day pass unless we scramble to use it on the last
day.  As always, it’s a beautiful day in San Diego.  
We live in PB.  Our dilemma: To leave the beach
or not to leave the beach – That is ALWAYS the
question.  And wherever we go - I’ll be thinking –
this better be good.

All I can think is: What if some pilgrim trips on his
Batman cape, falls down and causes two hundred
comic fans to die in a mass trampling?  You see it
on the news every day.

Other negative factor keeping me home: Call me
spoiled but like parking right in front of where I’m
going.  I like parking under where I’m going a little
less, but I can live with that if I get a spot near the
elevators.  Parking at some blocks-away motel
and then waiting in the sweltering sun for the Con
bus is my idea of Russia.  Am I a snob for thinking
my bus mates still live in their mother’s basements
and this is their first glimpse of daylight since the
last Con?  And while I admit by now we’re all
sweating, these geektrons have BO.  From

Now, I’m not afraid of the 300 lb. Spidey even
though I don’t want to sit next to him because he’ll
take more than his share of ass space.  The Goth
girls joined at the nose by safety pin don’t phase
me in the least – I’ve seen that on the cover of
Vogue.  But my seatmate has psycho-killer written
all over him.  He’s quiet.  Too quiet.  This fruitcake
is wearing head to toe leather in mid July with his
collar turned up!  What if he forgot his Thorazine
back home in Indiana and he goes Travis Bickle
on any woman who reminds him of his 6th grade
English teacher?  I’m a dead duck!
by Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS

Could I See All I Could See and ...
Could I See it All
on Preview Night?

never to return to become part of the huddled masses yearning to get   
Nothankyou.  Yes, I will deign to return to the too-crowded Con, but only to the   
Nothankyou.  Yes, I will deign to return to the too-crowded Con, but only to the
crowded Con, but only to the classrooms upstairs, to catch panels and awards

The first item I would need is my trusty backpack with wheels.  I know they’re
not allowed, but experience has told me that between the Sign In Windows and
the Entrance, I usually pick up about 25 lbs. of free post cards and comic
books.  That’s already one-quarter of my body weight and I haven’t even bought
the suit of armor I’ve been lusting for.

Next item of necessity are my Heelies.  You know what Heelies are, don’t you?  
They’re those sneakers with wheels in the heel that all the kids have.  Of course
I have a pair, too, but mine are portable and slap on over my Manolos.  My
Heelies are also extremely cool and light up the faster I roll!  Can you think of a
better way to get from point A to point B? I can’t.  I know they’re not allowed, but
I won’t get busted; experience has told me most people don’t believe their eyes
when they see a woman my age go heeling by.

My last item of necessity are my astronaut diapers.  An astronaut’s mission is
to cover the vastness of outer space and my mission is to cover the vastness of
Convention Center Exhibit Hall and neither mission involves wasting time
standing in line at the Ladies' Room!  Yes, astro-diapers a yucky thought, but if
they’re good enough for America’s heroes Neil Armstrong and John Glenn, by
god they’re good enough for me!  C U at the Con!
Luann's Greg Evans will be on the National Cartoonist's Panel along
Jantze and Lalo Alcaraz.

Jackie Estrada  is the Eisner Awards Administrator, a mover shaker
behind the scenes, planning and coordinating many Comic-Con comittees
and activities and an editor the official Comic-Con catalogue.

Jorge Pacheco will be gracing Artists' Alley for the 33rd year!

SCCS Cartoonists in the Small Press area will be
Baton Lash, Michael
Aushenker, and
 Wardell Brown.

Stay tuned for updated SCCS and Comic-Con info!