by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS

1. Face facts: Dried out pens and paints will never come back to life no matter how long they
sit in a drawer or coffee can.  Bite the bullet:  Kiss their decrepit once-vivid colors goodbye
and toss them all now.

2. Resolved:  Immediately back up all my computer files today and every Friday in 2007 and
forevermore.  Correction: Immediately get Jack to back up all my computer files etc. etc.  
2. A. Admit my limitations where technology is concerned.   

3. Put paper files on strict diet.  Keep only the best/most recent copy of any cartoon.  No more
saving first rough draft of cartoon or versions 1 thru 10 of each and every cartoon concept no
matter how endearing or spontaneous.  Fact: They lose something with each draft but they
gain something too (hopefully).  Get over it!  Shred ‘em!

4. Update my cartoon website and make funnier.  Link to other cartoon websites.  Add relevant
META tags.  Find out what META tags are.  Get Google-able!

5. Finish the damn revisions already on my spec cartoon strip from three years ago!  It was a
good idea then and it’s still a good idea no matter how sick to death of it I am – right?

6. Now that newspapers are dying by the day, firing writers and cutting cartoons, there’s no
time like the present to formulate my new cartoon strip idea and submit it to the syndicates.  
Huh?  You say?  Using something I like to call reverse logic - other cartoonists (my
competition) are not bold enough to buck the odds right now and have given up, leaving the
cartoon editors oddly desperate for new product (mine)!

7.  2007 will be cool, cartoon-wise! Remember to enjoy it!

Karyl Miller, prez