july- August 2009
Werner Wjep-Olsen, WINNER, SCCS
Comic-Con cartoon contest
Karyl Miller,
Prez, SCCS
by Joe Schmidt

SCCS' SHEL DORF - Mister Comic-Con

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Sergio Arigones, Jack Cummings, Shel Dorf,  and
Burne Hogarth

NCS-SCCS Comic-Con Party fotos and 'toons

Fabulous TV Interview w Jorge Pacheco
about Comic-Con
and SCCS!
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July 25, 2009
Another Comic-Con is half-way over but I've seen
enough light sabres and 400 lb. Betty Boops to last me
another year.  Big highlight was our fabulous
Comic-Con Party we gave with our parent club the
National Cartoonists Society. Our best party yet!

Our dear friend Jack White is suddenly in the hospital
with back surgery.  He and wife Lynn Stedd have been
SCCS' staunchest and most generous supporters for
years.  Lynn serves as our Treasurer and is our link to
the San Diego Blood Bank.  Jack lends us his fabulous
Magic and Toy Museum and our annual SCCS Winter
Holiday Party is a gift of the couple.  
Please send your get well cards to their home and Lynn
will deliver them to the hospital.  Jack White 4288
Arguello, San Diego, CA  92103

We're off for August,  so - see you in Sep-tember!

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National Cartoonists Society COMIC-CON Booth with our fabulous
SCCS card display created by our own Joe Schmidt

July 30 -Shel Dorf update: Matt Lorentz
designed an incredible art board and spent
many hours last week at Phil Yeh's booth and
physically taking the board around
"Comic-con"  to get sketches and notes to
cheer up Shel ( See attached photo).
Jim Whiting and I brought the board to Shel's
hospital room today. As many of you know,
Shel is not in very good shape and can't talk
because of a tube in his throat. He sleeps a
lot due to medication, but he came around
after a few minutes. He has been bedridden
for many months, and also suffered a mild
heart attack on July 11.
Jim and I held the board so Shel could see it
and we pointed out various sketches and
names. As Shel was looking at the board a
tear rolled down his cheek, and then another.
Quite an emotional visit.
He managed a smile and a wave when we
were leaving.
Shel is now in Room 315. If you want to visit
or send a card, the address is :
Sharp Memorial Hospital
7901 Frost Street
Attn. Shel Dorf Room 315
San Diego, Ca 92123
The hospital is North of I-8, just off Highway
163 near the Genesse Avenue exit. The
phone number is 858-939-3622. Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays are the best days
to visit. Respectfully, Charlie
This year’s 33rd Annual Robert A. Heinlein Comic-Con Blood Drive broke all
previous records with a total of 1,198 donations at the San Diego Marriott Hotel.  Attached
is a history of the Comic-Con for the past 33 years.  The overall total for this 33 year-old
blood drive is now 8,736 pints or more than 1,000 gallons!

We loved the rooms and hope that we can use them again next year.

Once again, we are so excited to see this huge event continue to grow and threaten the
Chargers Blood Drive ’s first-place record.  Special thanks to John Smallwood-Garcia for
the best T-shirt art ever!  Also, we are extremely grateful to Diamond Select Toys for
donating all of those action figures.

Please extend our appreciation to everyone at the Comic-Con for their support.  Once
again Craig Fellows was wonderful and we are so grateful to Jack Plummer for acquiring
the HBO True Blood T-shirts for the donors. What a great idea!

Considering that each pint of donated blood can help more than one person, nearly 2,400
local patients will now benefit from the generosity of everyone involved in this incredible

We have already locked the dates for next year’s Comic-Con, July 22-25.

I’m certain that Robert Heinlein would have been very proud that his simple request for a
blood drive at the Comic Con in 1977, would result in making a difference in patients' lives
for 33 years and counting.

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you and the San Diego Comic-Con in the
coming months.

Lynn Stedd
Community Relations and Marketing Director