MAY 2008

May 14, Wednesday
White's Magic Place and
Toy Museum 4275
University, SD
Harry Katz, writer - editor
July 24, Thursday
SCCS-NCS Comic- Con
kick-off party.

July 24-27
San Diego Comic-Con

August - vacation!
No meeting, no Slice 'O
Wry newsletter

September 10,
Jorge Pacheco -
cartoonist, caricaturist
newsletter Slice 'O Wry,
your annual membership has
probably expired or you moved and forgot
to tell us.

To reup: send $40 check to
SCCS c/o
Lynn Stedd
4288 Arguello St.
San Diego, CA 92103
Show-Off Your Portfolio
Bring friends and pens!

Where: Jack White's fabulous
Magic Place and Toy Museum
4275 University, San Diego
(next door 2 Tortilla Lily's Tortillaria)

Members and guests $5. Students free.
Bring your portfolio to show off.
Bring your assigned pot luck dish from
the Wheel 'O Food (below)
Bring a cartoon-related item to donate
and win something for $1.
(see map below)
Click here to join sccsonline
Click to join sccsonline
Jack White's Magic 'n Toy Museum

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