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Comic-Con Party
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Fabulous TV Interview w Jorge
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September 12, 2009
September 9 we had the pleasure
of hearing fascinating guest
speaker Dave Kellett.  Besides
drawing the daily webcomic
Sheldon, Dave's an expert on
webcomics and when not laughing,
everyone madly took notes on how
to make money on their cartoon
websites. Thank you Dave!
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Our dear friend Jack White is still in
the hospital with leg problems.  He
and wife Lynn Stedd have been SCCS'
staunchest and most generous
supporters for years.  Lynn serves as
our Treasurer and is our link to the
San Diego Blood Bank.  Jack lends us
his fabulous Magic and Toy Museum
and our annual SCCS Winter Holiday
Party is a gift of the couple.  
Please send your get well cards or
letters to their home and Lynn will
deliver them to the hospital.  Jack
White 4288 Arguello, San Diego, CA  
July 30 -Shel Dorf update:
Shel is now in Room 315. If you want
to visit or send a card, the address is :
Sharp Memorial Hospital
7901 Frost Street
San Diego, Ca 92123
The hospital is North of I-8, just off
Highway 163 near the Genesse
Avenue exit. The phone number is
858-939-3622. Tuesdays, Thursdays,
and Saturdays are the best days to
visit. Respectfully, Charlie Roberts
From Charlie Roberts -
"We did a road trip to Las Vegas on
Monday, and stopped by halfway in
Barstow to visit Paul Gringle. Though
the room he shares has limited space,
Paul was in good spirits.....which
became even better spirits when we
offered to take him out to eat.
As you may already know Paul's
favorite pastime is food, followed
closely by pretty girls. Thus, a pretty
waitress would make Paul's day
perfect. Well, the waitress wasn't too
pretty....unless you like
mustache's....but the food portions
were incredible with reasonable
prices. If you're on the road around
Barstow and get hungry, I heartily
recommend "Mega Tom's" on Main
Street. Paul ordered the "Fish
Dinner", which must have weighed in
at 6 pounds 11 ounces or thereabouts.
Paul ate approximately three ounces,
and took the rest back to the
Veteran's Home. I imagine there was a
food fight after we left. Picture a
re-enactment of the Battle of the
Bulge, but with breaded fishsticks,
toast and cole slaw flying through the
air instead of bullets.
We had some laughs, and Paul said to
give everyone his best.
Am attaching photos of Paul and a
pretty girl (Joan) at "Tom's" and Paul
at the entrance to the Veteran's Home
( the tank is not loaded !) . Paul always
enjoys company and "cartoon talk". If
you can't visit, send him a card or a
note when you have time."
The address is :
Arthur Paul Gringle                                  
Veteran's Home of California
100 East Veteran's Parkway
Barstow Ca 92311

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday: October 14,  6:30 PM
Special meeting : Live Model - art school without the
                   Not For the Louvre
              Practice Drawing session

  • Bring your drawing materials
  • Bring a friend
  • Bring your latest artistic endeavor to show or to get mentored
  • Bring your Wheel O' Food pot luck dinner assignment (see below)
  • Bring a cartoon related collectible to donate for the raffle
  • Bring a buck for a raffle ticket to WIN a cartoon collectible
Members and students  = free
Guests, visitors, first timers = $5

San Diego Blood Bank
440 Upas Street, San Diego, CA
Wheel O' Food
Explanation: if your last name is Disney,
bring weggies, salad or cut fruit

SCCS Past Presidents
Dean LeCrone, Matt Lorentz, Janet Williams, Jim Whiting

SCCS Braintrust at SCCS Gallery at Grandma Bebes Hilltop Hideaway
Restaurant Oceanside CA.
l to r: Paul Gringle, Paul (Aquaman) Norris d. 2008, Jim Whiting,
Charlie Roberts

Major Boo-Hoo
Our dear friend and member Frank
Mitchell has moved to Ventura. We
will miss his sparkling personality and
especially his Tikis!
From Stan Brown -
"On July 1, 2009 I posted by 1,000th
doodle to MY site
... and on July 25, 2009 I hit 1,000 days
the site had been live and updating
daily. (The discrepancy comes from
the days on which I've posted "bonus
doodles.") Since October 29, 2006 I've
only missed one daily update ... so
things have gone quite smoothly,
everything considered (in fact, I can't
believe it's really been going on for
so long)."

Stan! stan@stannex.com
stannex.com ... the Home of All Things
doodle-a-day.com ... Scribblings from
the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
StoryTimeWithStan.com ... Writing,
Drawing, and other Nonsense,
updated M-W-F

From Werner-Wjep Olsen

"I have a rather strange and macabre
story to tell in connection with the
release of the terrorist responsible
for the Pan Am Flight 103's crash at
Lockerbie in Scotland on December
21, 1988.

At that time I was still living in
Denmark, my home country. My comic
strip "The Tales of Hans Christian
Andersen" was syndicated in 30-40 US
and Canadian papers by Asterix
Features. Once a week I mailed my
strips by Special Mail to American
Color in Buffalo. And so I did on
December 21.  

A few weeks after Christmas I got a
call from Tim Rosenthal at American
Color. They were missing my package.
I checked with Special Mail and they
could only track my letter to London.
After that they lost track of it.
Apparently it had disappeared into
thin air.

Six months later I got a letter from the
FBI. The content was the package I
had mailed on December 21. FBI had
found it in he wreckage of Pan Am
Flight 103. It was intact but for few
smoke-colored spots here and there.

The package is still in my files
reminding me that even though most
of us normally find ourselves far, far
away from major world events, we are
often closer than we wish for."
From Jon Caimaisa

"SETHIUS.COM is a website dedicated
to promoting comics, zines, toys, and
other collectibles while also
providing a forum to discuss the
latest news about art. please visit
www.sethius. com and enjoy the many
features this budding site contains.

the sales floor is undergoing
maintenance. but if you would like to
sell your book or product on SETHIUS
then please email me for details:
sethius.com@ hotmail.com

Just recently, i interviewed Neko
Press owner Billy Martinez. He is an
overall nice guy and cool artist. His
interview can be found in the 'news
and features' section.

please contribute your thoughts on
my newly invented message board. all
you have to do is register. it can be
found by going to the main page and
clicking on 'forums'.
From Michael Aushenker  -
Two new websites

My website:
My blog:

Here's a sketch I created of
Dave Kellett while he was

For those of you who didn't
attend this meeting, you
really missed out on a very  
exceptional speaker. He
shared so much specific
and inside web publishing
information that was
wrapped in a fantastic
sense of humor.  It was an
exceptional evening...
including the snacks.  ~Joe

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