spring 2010
President's Mess.
Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS
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NCS-SCCS Comic-Con
Party fotos and 'toons

Fabulous TV Interview w Jorge
Pacheco about 2009 Comic-Con
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Then scroll down LIST on Right side
of page for link to "Comic Con Day
One - Jorge Pacheco"

SCCS Braintrust at SCCS Gallery at
Grandma Bebes Hilltop Hideaway
Restaurant Oceanside CA.
l to r: Paul Gringle, Paul (Aquaman)
Norris d. 2008, Jim Whiting, Charlie

Jack White is back in the hospital
possibly for a month. At right  are some
cards for him drawn by Joe Schmidt.

Bad News - Longtime SCCS member
cartoonist Tommy Thompson has died.
Photos, artwork and obits are requested  
for posting on this site.

Teacher, artist and SCCS' guest speaker
Harry Hammernik is teaching a class in 2D
animation and FLASH at UCSD.  Details

Meetings 2010

April 24 Saturday - Cartoonists Day,
SD Blood Bank - Main Branch Only

July 24 – Thursday – Comic-Con Kick-
Off Party ,  Buster’s Beach House

September – 8  Wednesday – General
Meeting and Guest Speaker Blood

November 23  Tuesday – Charger
Blood Drive  

December 8 Wednesday – Holiday

North County Meetings at
Grandma BeBe's Hilltop Hideaway
remain the same

Surely our own Shel Dorf is turning over
in his grave knowing the convention he
started so many years ago was sold out
11 months in advance!

While 4-Day Memberships may be sold
out, they have 1-Day Memberships for
each day of the show.
                One of the More Interesting Trips with Shel Dorf

I mentioned going on various trips with Shel between 1984 and 1986. We'd usually leave Ocean Beach in
Shel's car around 10 AM.
Personal Hygiene Note: He kept a bar of Irish Spring soap under a car seat, having sliced off a piece to
use the soap as a car deodorizer, which was really practical. The car not only smelled "fresh as an Irish
morn", but no doubt the soap would come in handy if we got stuck in LA traffic on a hot afternoon and
might need to freshen up a bit (!).
One particular morning we were starting our trek, sitting at the light at West Point Loma Blvd. and Sunset
Cliffs . He mentioned having problems with his toupee. I glanced over and noticed a small piece of
masking tape sticking out of the front edge of said hairpiece. "This damned thing" Shel said, trying to
adjust it before the light turned green. I answered "Why do you wear that ?". Shel said "What ?". I
repeated the query. Shel said " You know, you're right !". He pulled it off his head and tossed it out the
window, as the light simultaneously turned green. We were off to LA, leaving the Ocean Beach version of
Premium Road Kill  lying to bake on the asphalt in the morning sun.
If only Ebay had been around then, what a great collectible that would have been ! Hopefully someone
adopted it, assuming it was one of those newfangled Ghia Pats. Maybe they named it "Bob" and they're
still watering it today, waiting for it to grow. We can only hope for the best here folks !
Shel was like a new man on that trip, enjoying having fresh air on his bald pate and admiring his "new
look" all the way to the 101 while smiling at all the other cars.
He proudly had his head tilted down in his Comic-con Program Book photo that year.
As comic book and comic strip geeks we all have our idiosyncrasies, but we're all human and in this
together. I'm reminded of a quote my wife Joan's Step-father George Rabb told me years ago : "All the
world's a little strange, excepting thee and me......and at times I find you quite peculiar".
I remember the 60's when "Baggies" were the only way to protect comics. If you had a "real" job, you
never told anyone you liked old comic books. I had a major disagreement with a Post Office counter
person in 1968, when I wanted to insure a comic for $ 10 and mail it.
Fortunately those days are pretty well over, and we owe quite a debt to Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, Mike
Towry, Richard Alf, Phil Seuling, G.B. Love, Ted Hake, Jerry Bails, Don Maris, Russ Cochran, and many
others who paved the way and given us Respectability .
Thank You All !
Gratefully, Charlie Roberts

Magician/newsman Jack White, Lynn
Stedd and Dean LeCrone at a
Holiday Party from the past at
Jack's Magic and Toy Museum
Karyl Miller
Frank Mutascio (flowered shirt), Matt
Lorentz (beard),  Jim Whiting

Janet Williams

Jim Whiting and Joe Schmidt

Saturday April 24 Cartoonists Day, San Diego Blood Bank
9 AM to 4 PM
Main Branch Only, this year
Caricaturists, please sign up for this fun event
San Diego Blood Bank
440 Upas Street

Congratulations to SCCS' Greg Evans for
Luann's 25th anniversary!
Hello Fellow cartoonists!
Spring is springing and that means
the annual San Diego Blood Bank
Cartoonists Day will be happening
Saturday April 24.

If you are a caricaturist and have never
signed up, you're missing a fun and
gratifying event.  We draw caricatures
of blood donors for free that day at the
MAIN downtown Blood Bank branch.  

It's a great chance to hone your
drawing skills; a chance to chat with
and get to know other SCCS members,
and a chance to do a good deed. And
did I mention FREE PIZZA and snacks?
Prezzie, Karyl

Update.  Jack White is back in the hospital possibly for a month.
Below are some cards for him by Joe Schmidt.  Draw a card, Email it to Lynn Stedd
and she can print it out and take it to him.

     A Visit with Paul Gringle  by Charlie Roberts

Jim Whiting and I had been talking about going to see Paul Gringle in
Barstow for a few months. As you may know, Paul is at the Veteran's Home
in Barstow. The date was finally set: Saturday,
March 13, 2010.
Jim volunteered to pick me up in Oceanside at 7:45 AM.

We figured the 150 mile trip would take around three hours. ( I was
assuming Jim would be cautiously driving 45 or 50 MPH). Well, folks, our
own Jimbo "Fireball" Whiting got us there in two hours 40 minutes, safely
driving just a Windsor Newton brush hair over the speed limit.

We checked in at the desk, and went to Paul's room. The place is
immaculate, but living quarters are pretty limited. Paul's huge book
collection is pared down to two shelves packed with enough cartoon
related books which would neatly fill a five shelf bookcase. A simple curtain
separates him from his room mate.

Paul was really glad to see us. After exchanging pleasantries, the subject
turned to food. ( Paul's Favorite Pastimes: Cartoons, Food, and Pretty
Women; not necessarily in that order !).

Paul said he wasn't really hungry, but strongly suggested we leave soon
for "Peggy Sue's Diner, Just a Few Miles Away."

We got in the car and headed north to Yermo. We're going toYermo (?).
Sounds like one of the nerdy kids in any teen movie. Was Yermo a
person? The name of a prospector's mule? The sound one's stomach
makes after eating too much yogurt?

Well, we're driving on 15 North and I start seeing signs for Sacramento
and Las Vegas . The "few miles away" was some 17 miles from the
Veteran's Home.

If you happen to be on your way to Vegas, and in the Yermo neck of the
woods, "Peggy Sue's" is quite the interesting place. There must be some
one million "collectible" items on display and for sale, 99.9% of which are
Made in China and probably worth 1/10 of their asking price.
Stuff is everywhere. Walls, floors, ceilings, urinals (yep )! etc...
The food is a tad overpriced, but the gravy laden shoestring fries Are
pretty danged tasty (Yermo! Excuse me !).

We shared some laughs, looked at a few pretty girls, and ate a little too
much. Paul always got a "doggy bag" to go when we had lunch or dinner
at "Grandma's" and our visit to "Peggy Sue's" was no exception (though
I'm not sure how tasty partial hamburger buns and lettuce would be in a
day or two ).
Paul continues to draw, and even has one student at the Veteran's Home.
He also had some mail from young artists asking for critiques of their
work.  It was great to see Paul, and he was sure glad to see us. Drop him
a note when you get a chance:
                     Arthur Paul Gringle C/O
                    California Veteran's Home Room 604 Bed A
                     Barstow  Ca 92311

Better yet, go see him if you're headed to Vegas. Barstow is just a little
south of........Yermo (!)
PS Jim and I spent a few hours last week putting up "SCCS" members art
in the newly remodeled large back room at "Grandma's Hilltop Cafe" here
in Oceanside. Hope You can make it up this way soon.

Message from Andy Mitchell COOC Prez.

I just wanted to send out an announcement to let people know that
Lee Ames, a long time member of our (Orange County) group, is
very ill and is not expected to recover.  Best wishes go to him and
his wife Joce during this most difficult time.  For myself, I'm happy
that Lee did get to see our book completed before his troubles
and we were both excited about the finished product.   

Lee was pretty modest (yeah, he really was!) about his own history
and I was always impressed by the little details and crumbs that he
would drop as time passed.  He started at the Disney studio in the
late 30's working on Pinocchio and Fantasia.  Then he worked in
comics at the Eisner / Iger Studio along side of legends like Will
Eisner and Lou Fine.  Somewhere around this time he created the
superhero Firebrand who I believe is a DC character today.  Then
he was involved in the launch of Landmark Books for Random
House as a chief artist which shook up the kidlit industry at the
time.  If all this wasn't enough, he started the Draw 50 how to art
book series that would last for decades.  In addtion to his own
artwork, major names like Mort Drucker and our own Bob Singer
contributed as artists on the series.  

On a different note, I am recovering from my own health issues
and hope that we can get back to our schedule of monthly lunch
meetings again soon.  


Andy Mitchell
Presidente, COOC  

San Diego Chargers Blood Bank
Day SCCS artists draw free
caricatures of donors


New Book by SCCS  member       
Janet F. Williams

“You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get”


Long-time member and SCCS publicist
Janet F. Williams is pleased to announce
the release of her new book “You Don’t
Ask, You Don’t Get: Proven Techniques to
Get More Out of Life.” Part self-help, part
to get what you want by asking in ways that
increase the liklihood for success.
Janet outlines seven motivations of WIFM
(What's In it for Me) for giving and getting.
Chapters detail tips and techniques on
how to ask in general and in specific
situations. The book includes dozens of
examples, practice suggestions and real
life stories from Janet and her
contributors. Subjects include saving
money, advancing careers, making deals,
enriching personal relationships, fulfilling
personal desires, goal setting, and
developing self-empowerment. This
informative and entertaining manual
teaches effective communication skills for

Janet F. Williams holds degrees in
psychology and health education. Her
career includes experience in automotive
and jewelry sales where she has been a
high volume leader. She has authored
fiction and non-fiction articles and stories
for newspapers, magazines, newsletters,
sales materials, book and workbooks for
print and on the web. She is available to
speak on the subject of how to ask for
what you want.

For additional information or to order a
copy of the book, please visit:

www.GoodDayMedia. com

Paperback, 272 pages, $14.99