July 2009
SCCS Comic-Con Connections

Lynn Stedd will be in charge of the Comic-Con San Diego Blood
Bank donation center again for this,  its 32st year!  Blood Drive is
open every day at 10 AM upstairs in the Sails Pavillion (11 AM
Sunday).  It only takes 45 minutes and you get a goody bag, a raffle
ticket with prize donated by top exhibitors, a fabulous
commemorative T-shirt and more!

Batton Lash will be hawking his latest edition of his fabulous,
quirky "Supernatural Law" comic book.

Jackie Estrada  is the Eisner Awards Administrator, a mover
shaker behind the scenes, planning and coordinating many
Comic-Con comittees and activities and is an editor the official
Comic-Con catalogue.

Jorge Pacheco will be gracing Artists' Alley for the 34rd year!

Archie's George Gladir can be found and will be participating in
all things Archie.

Marge Holland will again be serve as videographer for the
Comic-Con Masquerade.  Daughter
Sonja Holland will be
displaying her fabulous art at the Con Art Gallery.

Wardell Brown will once again be showcasing my work and
selling my new book, the Art of War: Volume 2.  Stop by Table E6.  

Michael Aushenker will be at the WildCard Ink booth this year
as a guest, signing his POKEY books (He's writing the GUMBY'S
GANG miniseries and the first of the four issues is about POKEY).  He
says, "Drop by and visit! It's gonna be fun."

Stan Yan will be selling his latest Squidworks books.
BELOW is a turtle tribute that Matt Lorentz, Wardell Brown, Rod
Mojica, and Mark Richmond
collaborated on for this year's Comic
Con Souvenir Book...

Stay tuned for updated SCCS and Comic-Con info!
Friends, Romans and cartoonists, send me your Comic-Con themed
  • Free admission to our NCS-SCCS Comic-Con party,  
  • and will be announced at the party!
  • Oh, the glory! Start drawing now.  Hurry up!
President's Mess.
Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS
Joe Schmidt above and below
June 21, 2009
SHEL DORF update from Charlie Roberts:
Shel was moved again and is now in Room 503
at Sharp Hospital.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are still
the best days for visiting. The address is :
Sharp Hospital
7901 Frost Street
Room 303
San Diego, Ca 92123
Hospital Phone # : 858-939-3622
As mentioned before, Shel has good days and
bad days but
a greeting card would cheer him
up a bit if you can't get in to see him in person.

SCCS' SHEL DORF - Mister Comic-Con

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