Meeting: June 10,  6:30 PM
Special Guest speaker Cartoonist Lucas Turnbloom
Hear about the origin of his inventive strip,

Bring food - see your Wheel O Food assignment (below)
Show off your portfolio - Get mentored - Bring your latest
cartoon effort
Members = Free,  Students = free.  Visitors = $5
San Diego Blood Bank
440 Upas Street
(map below)
JUNE 2009
Jack White's Magic
4275 University Ave, SD,

June 10, Wednesday
Lucas Turnbloom -
cartoonist, lecturer
SD Blood Bank

July 22-26 Comic-Con

July 23, Thursday
NCS/SCCS Comic-Con
Kick Off Party
Buster's Beach House
807 W Harbor Drive

August - vacation - NO

September 9 -
Dave Kellet -
cartoonist, blogger,
SD Blood Bank

October  14 -
live model
SD Blood Bank

November 11 -
Andy Mitchell -
cartoonist, illustrator,
SD Blood Bank

December - 9
Annual Holiday Party
Jack's Magic and Toy

No. County Meetings
6 PM
2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21,
6/18, 7/16, 8/20 -  G'ma
BB's Hilltop
Restaurant  539 Vista
Bella, Oceanside


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Shel Dorf (a/o/3/16/09)
Sharp Hospital
7901 Frost Street, room 314
San Diego, CA 92123
(visiting hours LIMITED)
Medical Intensive Care Unit

Veterans Home of California
Unit 300   Room 604A
100 East Veterans Pkwy
Barstow, CA  92311
760-252-6205 Ext. 6386

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Lalo Alcaraz

Steve Breen

Daryl Cagle

Harry Hammernik

Steve Kelley

Frank Mitchell

Batton Lash

Tom Richmond

Trina Robbins

Tom Sito

SCCS Braintrust!
L to R
Paul Gringle, the late, great Paul (Aquaman) Norris, Jim
Whiting, Charlie Roberts at the SCCS Cartoon Gallery in
Grandma's Hilltop Hideaway Restaurant in Oceanside
taken, October 2007

Wheel O' Food

How the Wheel works:  If your last name
is Eisner, bring cheese dip etc...
by Charlie Roberts  

Subtitled " The Superhero:

The Golden Age of Comic Books,  
1938-1950 ", anyone with an interest   
in the art and history of early  
superheroes in comic books will enjoy
the nationwide traveling exhibit
currently at the Skirball Cultural Center
located just off the 405 freeway at
2701 North Sepulveda Blvd. in Los

The exhibit runs through August 9,
2009. Hours are Tuesday- Friday
Noon to 5, and 10 to 5 on Saturday
and Sunday. Admission is $ 10; $ 7 for
Seniors and full time students; and
FREE ADMISSION is offered every

The Skirball is also a museum of
Jewish history with many historical
displays.  David Siegel, noted collector
who has been  responsible for getting
major Golden Age comic book artists
to Comic-con International over the
last 17+ years,  invited my wife Joan
and I to go with him this past Thursday
March 5. Needless to say, Any trip with
David is an adventure unlike no other

The foundation of the exhibit is the
Golden Age original comic book art
collection of Jerry Robinson, one of
Bob Kane's first assistants on Batman
in 1939. Jerry saved many originals
from the trash can, in the days when
comic book art was casually thrown
away as having no value after
publication. Jerry created the first
drawing of the Joker, which is on
display, and also named Batman's
sidekick Robin (hmm....wonder where
that name came from ).

Heritage Galleries originals and art
from collectors Ethan Roberts and Keif
Fromm are also included.    Mark
Evanier had an excellent talk with Jerry
on stage, then Jerry stayed to sign
copies of the exhibit catalog.  As a
collector, seeing the original art was
the icing on the cake. Joe Shuster,
Fred Ray, Will Eisner, Lou Fine, Mort
Meskin and others key artist-creators
are represented with prime examples
of their work.

We All owe Jerry Robinson a debt of
gratitude for having the foresight to
save this important art for future
generations. Attached are images of
the Skirball promotional card, and a
photo of Jerry and Joan ( both
Excellent  Originals !).   Go to or call 310-440-4900
for more information.  
Vector. It features the vector
Vector. It features the vector
cartoon art I have been crafting
the last 11 months. Get the book,

. here..
one of the most popular
cartoonists of the early 20th
retrospective, guest-curated by
showcases over 30 lavishly
illustrated newspaper tearsheets,
magazine illustrations, original
Robbins’s personal collection.

Details regarding the opening
reception and a special
presentation by Trina Robbins will
be announced shortly.

For over thirty years Nell Brinkley’
s beautiful girls waltzed, vamped
and shimmied their way through
the pages of William Randolph
Hearst’s newspapers, captivating
the American public with their
innocent sexuality.

In 1907, at the tender age of 22,
Nell Brinkley came to New York to
draw for the Hearst syndicate.
Within a year, she had become a
household name. Flo Ziegfeld
dressed his dancers as “Brinkley
Girls” in the Ziegfeld Follies. Three
popular songs were written about
her. Women, aspiring to the
masses of curly hair with which
Nell adorned her fetching and
idealized creations, could buy Nell
Brinkley Hair Curlers for ten cents
a card. Young girls cut out and
saved her drawings, copied them,
colored them, and pasted them in

Nell Brinkley widened her scope to
include pen and ink depictions of
working women. Brinkley used her
fame to campaign for better
working conditions and higher pay
for women who had joined in the
war effort, and who were suffering
economic and social dislocation
due to acting on their patriotism.
Unlike most of her
contemporaries, she drew women
of different races and cultures.

Today, except for a small group of
avid collectors, she is unjustly

But no longer. The forthcoming
Fantagraphics Books publication
The Art of Nell Brinkley collects
Brinkley’s exquisitely colored full
page art from 1913 to 1940. Here
are her earliest silent movie serial-
inspired adventure series,
“Golden Eyes and Her Hero, Bill;”
her almost too romantic series,
“Betty and Billy and Their Love
Through the Ages;” her snappy
flapper comics from the 1920s; her
1937 pulp magazine-inspired
“Heroines of Today.” Included are
photos of Nell, reproductions of
her hitherto unpublished
paintings, and an informative
introduction by the book’s editor,
Trina Robbins.

Retired cartoonist and current
comics historian Trina Robbins has
been writing graphic novels,
comics, and books for over 30
years. Her subjects have ranged
from Wonder Woman and the
Powerpuff Girls to her own
teenage superheroine, GoGirl!,
and from women cartoonists and
superheroines to women who kill.
She lives in a moldering 103 year
old house in San Francisco with
her cats, shoes, and dust bunnies.  
Vic Lee -"Pardon My Planet"
for newspaper panel cartoons
Werner Wejp-Olsen
and to
Benita Epstein on
her becoming one of the
Six Chix!
You need Java to see this applet.
San Diego Blood Bank
You may have heard it, but the good
news is that I've been nominated in the
Gag Cartoon Division 2009. I enclose
Also my comic strip INSPECTOR
DANGER'S CRIME-QUIZ is now out as
a book. has all the details.
Next: - a worldwide
web-site promoting animation in all
shape and form now features 13 of my  
FUMPY FACTS-toons. They are
animated edutainment as a kind of
Mini-Discovery for Kids with a twist.
Here's the link:
Furthermore my CRIME-QUIZ-feature
is now available on cell phones over
most of Europe. If your cell phone has
access to the Internet, you might be
able to take a look by clicking on
Finally I enclose a new batch of my
comic strip STARS & STRIPS for the
The Reuben's are Coming!
Karyl Miller,
prez, SCCS

It happens every year, but seldom
have the Reubens been held so
close to home.  May 21-24 the
National Cartoonists Society (of
which we are the San Diego
chapter), will be holding their
Reuben awards dinner and
conclave in Los Angeles.

Two of our members - Vic Lee and
Werner Wejp-Olsen are
nominees.  SCCS member Greg
Evans is a past winner and is also
VP of the esteemed org!

Yes, some of the funniest people
on the planet will converge at
the  Renaissance Hotel in
Hollywood for what is anticipated
to be the best and most raucus
gathering yet.

This will be my first attending of
formal outfit, diamond pony tail
holders and bail money ready to

I'll issue a report back here right
THE EVENT,  via Twitter or my blog
in case you want a play by play!

This is Ms. Karyl, your roving
reporter signing off!

From Stan!
for anything more?

A great evening with a great group of comics people! (And
my enjoyment was not at all skewed by the fact that I won the
comics & cartoons quiz. Woot!) ”

From : velvetstar3000
“ Enjoyed hanging out with those I was able to meet and
greet ! Enjoyed the CARTOON/COMIC TRIVIA GAMES and the
everyone's personal stories and inspirational talks...My
impression is this is a challenging and fun group to be part

Also I loved viewing the old posters, theater and magical
stuff at Jack's Museum, too!

Hope to learn to produce more and perhaps make $$ with my
artistic/cartooning efforts.”

2009 Blood Bank Cartoonist Day photos
Our beloved member Shel Dorf
clowns with Sergio Arigones.  
Those were the days...