November 12,
LiVE-MODEL drawing
SD Blood Bank

November 25, Tuesday
SD Charger Blood Drive
caricaturists draw
donors all day
Town/Country Convention

December 10,
Winter Holiday Party and
silent auction
Jack White's Magic

January 14, Wednesday
Ben Templesmith - artist,
writer, multiple Eisner

February 11, Wednesday
Batton Lash -  cartoonist,
caricaturist, comic book
SD Blood Bank

March 11, Wednesday

April 8, Wednesday
Caricature Demos - prep
for Cartoonists day at
Blood Bank
SD Blood Bank

April 25, Saturday
Cartoonists Day,
SD Blood Bank and ALL
BB Branches!

May 13 Wednesday
annual 'Toon In Party
Jack White's Magic
4275 University Ave, SD,

June 10, Wednesday
Andy Mitchell -
cartoonist, illustrator,

July 22-26 Comic-Con

July 23, Thursday
NCS/SCCS Comic-Con
Kick Off Party
Buster's Beach House
807 W Harbor Drive

North County Meetings
6 PM
8/21,9/18, 10/16, 11/20,
12/18, 1/15, 2/19, 3/19,
4/16, 5/21, 6/18, 7/16,
8/20 -  G'ma BB's Hilltop
Restaurant  539 Vista
Bella, Oceanside

Weds, Nov 12,  6:30 PM
No Guest Speaker:
Live Model - bring your sketch pads and pens

Joe Schmidt (former teacher) and Arlington Cruz (former student) will
assist those who want assistance, OR  you can just draw.

Get mentored! Bring your portfolio or latest 'toon to show
Eat! Bring your potluck from our Wheel 'O Food (below)
Win! Bring cartoon items to raffle or buy a ticket for $1!

Members Free, students = free. Visitors $5

Where -  San Diego Blood Bank 440 Upas Street, SD

How to become a professional artist!

How do I ( or my son or daughter )
become a professional  artist?"  That's
a question every pro's been asked
countless times.  I relish the question
as it means an informed  person
realizes that Art is a valid career
choice, instead of just  a hobby.  Too
many well meaning parents and high
school counselors simplistically  think
that a career in Art is just selling
"creations" in galleries.  That actually
is a small part of commercial art career
choices which, like all careers, is
based on interest and talent and a
strong desire to learn.
EXPLANATION: If your last name  
is Disney, bring a main dish and
so on .
SD Blood Bank
by Joe Schmidt.

to G-strings,  ALL with the to

Got Cartoons?

SICK BAY        
Arthur Paul Gringle
Veterans Home of California
Unit 300   Room 604A
100 East Veterans Pkwy
Barstow, CA  92311
760. 252.6205
Scenes from October 15 meeting
guest speaker Eric Radomski (Spawn,

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Lynn Stedd displays T-shirt
give-away for
San Diego Charger Blood Drive.
SCCS caricaturists will draw
Tuesday Nov 25, all day at the
Town and Country Convention Cr.
Artist sign ups call Lynn Stedd
619.400.8237 or email
Longtime SCCSr Paul Gringle has
donated his fantastic, extensive
collection of cartoonist books to
SCCS.  We will hold a silent
auction at our December Xmas
party. In gratitude, SCCS gave
Gringle this placque, created by
Joe Schmidt.  
2.  One Sheet Poster for
Spiderman’s 30th Anniversary.
autographed by Bagley in 1992, put
out by Marvel Comics.  Nice rare
collectable from the past.
Impossible Worlds.”   This book is
filled with text and cartoons about how
the movies have influenced our lives.   
This is another nice collectable for the
cartoonist and movie buff.
4.  Very old magazine Vol 1 NO 3 of
“The Artists Monthly” December
It is billed as a magazine or
students and all interested in art.  A
British publication.  Some very
interesting material and pictures and
drawings in these pages.   This
magazine had some interest to Paul
Gringle it has been well cared for and
kept in plastic wrapper for years.   A
rare find!
5.  “You’re On The Air” a hard back
book by Daddy O. Daylie,
the story of
a black disc jockey in top 40 radio
(Before talk radio.)  62 pages with
photo’s nice collectable.
6. “Little Masterpieces of American
Wit and Humor”
Hardback books in
like new condition published in 1916,
Volume 3 and Volume 5.Mostly text
with a few illustrations.  Published by
Doubleday, Page & Company.  Great
research material and now rare
7.  “The Herblock Book” by Herbert
Block, hardback,
Text and cartoons.  
Carl Sandburg says; “In this book you
hear the keen talk of the artist.”   
Published 1952, Beacon Press.  Would
guess this is long out of print and a
nice collectable for the working
8.  “Nize Baby” by Milt Gross,
hardback book published in 1926 by
George H. Doran Company.   Text and
cartoons, nice vintage work with much
interest to the student of cartooning.   
Another long out of print collectable
9. “Tillie the Toiler and the
Masquerading Duchess” by Russ
a hardback book based on
the famous newspaper comic strip.   
Published 1943 by Whitman Publishing
Company, text and cartoons of the
popular character.  (Some light water
damage but contents good.)  A rare
look at this comic classic.
10. “Skippy” by Percy Crosby,
hardback book 1929, published by G.P
Putnam’s Sons, text with illustrations by
the author.  Classic series of stories,
very collectable.
11. Original “Winnie the Wac” by
Vic Herman,
advertising is on
cardboard.   Circa World War II, a nice
piece of advertising for the book that
should be preserved by someone.   Vic
Herman was a longtime member of
SCCS and this is some nice original art
to remember him by.
12. “Faber-Castell Lettering
System with tools”
everything comes
in a nice 16 X 6 plastic locking case.   It
does not look like this unit has ever
been used.  In like new condition.  A
system that allows an artist to do
professional lettering.  Complete with
instructions.  Ideal tools for someone
who needs this equipment.
13. Original pen & ink Paul Gringle
“Deer on the Run.”
 11X16 no date,
signed on heavy drawing paper.  A
nice piece for any collection.
14. Old Printers block 4X6 inches,
titled: “Old Wagon.”
 Possibly a Paul
Gringle cartoon for newspaper
publication.   Covered wagon pulled by
oxen.   A nice memento of the way
cartoons were printed, very collectable.
15. PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter
weekly newspaper.
  These are all
from the 1961, period and are full of
news and ideas for cartoons and
gags.   A lot of famous people took
part in the material that appears on the
pages of this publication.   There are
21 different issues; each is about the
size of a tabloid newspaper with
excellent pictures and illustrations.   
Fun to look at with a lot of good
material waiting to be rediscovered
and used.   A great find from the
recent past.
16. Drawing Board with built in “T-
handle for carrying, and legs
to give it a slant for drawing.  (One of
the slant supports is missing.)   This is
a very large drawing board in very nice
condition.  It is 24X36 inches in size
and a professional model.   It looks like
it received very little use.
17. Plastic holder for paintbrushes,
pencils and a bowl of water for
the artist’s desk.   This spins around
like a lazy susan.   Has seen some use
but in good condition.   About 12
inches in diameter.
18.  Portable Plastic Drawing Board
with large clip to hold paper in place
and a holder under the board for pens,
pencils and additional sketch paper.  
Some pens and pencils in the case.   
In very nice condition.  Size 16 X 12
Karyl Miller, prez, SCCS

frustrated?  R U Opinionated?  Do you
ever fantasize that you’re the new Bill
O’Reilly or Rachael Maddow?  Do you
wish you could shout your views from
the rooftops, yet stay in the comfort of
your home?  Today that’s easy if you’
re internet connected.  Just start a
blog.  You can be as controversial as
you want without ever exposing
yourself to face-to-face ridicule or
worse, like rotten tomatoes.
worse, like rotten tomatoes.


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