by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS
to have the right addiction.  Having last year’s addiction is the kiss of death in au currant tinsel town.  

Nevertheless, I got myself pierced and tattooed to make sure the tastemakers would know I’m a truly hip
person with the right addiction.  I’m addicted to the internet.  I’m logged on the internet from breakfast to
bedtime.  Know what I call a Hilton without a high-speed internet hook-up?  Camping.
difference!?  I might as well log on and be happy, right?
difference!?  I might as well log on and be happy, right?

The site is  In the interest of self-disclosure, the designer and webmaster is Jack
Zabawa, a guy I know pretty well.  has everything I want in a website: It’s fun to look at, it’
s interesting and it’s constantly updated with the newest and most current information!  That’s right, I said
constantly updated.  You never know when you log on if you’ll go “Wow, something’s new!  That’s so
cool.  I didn’t know that!”  has something for everybody.  There are links to SCCS member’s websites (the
hottest go-to page statistically).  There’s Member News and a BLOG if you like to read,  and tons of
original SCCS original cartoons if you don’t.  There’s a scrapbook full of absolutely beautiful color photos
of you and your cartoonist friends taken at just about every SCCS meeting and event!  You can right
click any photo, enlarge it and print it out to keep foreverandever!  Need the Emails of the new SCCS
Member Board?  It’s on the site.  Wondering when’s the next meeting, who’s speaking and where it is?  It’
s on the site!  Need a map to the meeting that you can print out?  It’s on the site!  In fact, the next five
months of meeting announcements are listed right on the front page. is also multi-media.  Yes, just when you thought the website couldn’t get any better,
there are video clips posted.  You heard me right, video clips.  Due to the efforts of the two Jacks (White
and Zabawa) there are now four 10-minute video drawing lessons starring SCCS members Joe Schmidt,
Doreen Douthit, John Wismont and Janet Williams.  The lessons are diverse, delightful and they’re free.
See U on-line!
Karyl Miller, prez, SCCS