November  2008

President's Mess.
by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS
Are your passionate and well-reasoned Letters To The Editor NOT getting
ever fantasize that you’re the new Bill O’Reilly or Rachael Maddow?  Do you
wish you could shout your views from the rooftops, yet stay in the comfort of
your home?  Today that’s easy if you’re internet connected.  Just start a
blog.  You can be as controversial as you want without ever exposing
yourself to face-to-face ridicule or worse, like rotten tomatoes.
Signing up to have a blog like on is free and easy.  You don’t
need a website.  A blog is an like having an interactive website, meaning
you can add cartoons, editorial text or videos to it every day or even every
hour and readers can talk comment and voice their opinions about your
postings.  And if you don’t like an opinion, you can always delete it before it
even hits the screen (although that’s deleting the fun IMHO).  

A blog is a great way to test to see if the public is ready for what you have to
say, or what you have to draw.  If you’re an SCCS member with a blog, please
let me know and we’ll list it on this website!