by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS

The Blood Bank 10
By Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS

What if they gave a meeting and nobody came?  Last month our usual Wednesday meeting
was switched to a Tuesday.  That change created dueling club meetings.  For instance, all of
our magician members disappeared!  Also, there was no Slice – hence no Slice Meeting
Announcement.  And as everyone knows, in some of the more refined cartoonist homes,
Tuesday night means bath night.  So that meant a significant number of SCCSers were going to
stay home and drown their cooties.  

But 10 of us had nothing better to do than to head off for the Blood Bank.
From now on this group will be known as The Blood Bank 10.  

Since The Blood Bank 10 were so few, and so brave, I’ll name names (in order of their
 Lynn Stedd was first, but she had the advantage of only having to travel 100
feet.  Next came two newbies - a mother
Marge Holland and her recent Art Institute grad
Sonja.  The duo met Greg Evans at Comic-Con and he invited them to the meeting.  
Hmmm.  Sounds v-e-r-ry familiar.  Sonja has ambitions of becoming an animator and brought
along her portfolio of wonderful, colorful drawings and funny black and white cartoons about
college life.  Next came me.  Then came
Jorge Pacheco and his extremely pregnant but still
beautiful wife
Sabine who would be popping out a little SCCSer “in 35 days.”  (The prez. issued
them an Excused Absence pass for the October 10 meeting.)  Next came
Greg Evans and
Janet Williams.  Then Greg Mullendore.  And last but not least came Joe Schmidt.

During the hour we “waited” for stragglers we yakked our heads off and ate like pigs!  Some of
us (ahem) gobbled up the deserts first (because artists are nothing if not rebels)!  The food was
especially yummy because some of it (Sonja’s) was HOMEMADE!  HOMEMADE, people!

Then came the games!  First we played a community drawing game created and generated by
Joe Schmidt.  Each group of five was given a Xerox of a vague cartoonish figure in action.  
Each artist had to draw in one specific body part or clothing and pass it to the next person.  In
seconds, every artist was silently bent over his drawing.  The only sound was that of pencil lead
scribbling on paper and the labored breathing of the mouth-breathers among us (no names).  
We were as quiet as kindergartners with new Crayolas; but we smelled a lot better.   

Pretty soon little conversations broke out about the future of For Better or For Worse, Greg’s
coloring the Luann talk bubbles on Sunday, and my inability to draw an open door in a cartoon.  
Everyone immediately related to the pain of perspective.  Pretty soon Joe and Greg were
drawing various doors on what was left of their paper dinner napkins.  All this was peppered, as
usual, by Greg Mullendore’s and Joe Schmidt’s incessant and hilarious joke cracking.  Can you
draw and laugh at the same time?  Note to Lynn:  If the Blood Bank would only invest in a couple
of some nice cushy couches and maybe a wood-burning fireplace, the evening could have been
classified as a small party rather than a meeting.

The next game we played was Cartoon Memory Draw-Off.  EXAMPLE: Two contestants draw a
card with say “Blondie” on it and compete drawing Blondie from memory while the audience
watches and yells out guesses of who the artists are trying to draw.  The winner of the fastest
most accurate Blondie wins.  The losing artist sits down.  The winning artist takes on all comers
until he is beaten.  I guess you’re wondering who was the undisputed winner?  DRUM ROLL
PLEASE!  That would be Sonja the newbie!  Her only Achilles’ heel was her young age, having
never seen or heard of cartoon greats like Mutt and Jeff.  I can hardly wait to see the draw- off
match between Sonja and our reigning champ Koba.

Our next gathering was at the
Carlsbad Art Splash Saturday and Sunday Sept. 22 and 23.  
This is the 5th year of the upscale street fair.  It’s held at the beautifully landscaped and
unbelievably scenic walkway above the Flower Fields and boasts a breathtaking panoramic
view of the sparkling Pacific.  Cue Vivaldi.

Over two days chalk artists created a sidewalk gallery of stunning art before our very eyes.  A
Saturday downpour destroyed the art so it had to be created TWICE.  There was also a live
demo of a giant sand sculpture.  Art vendors of every ilk hawked their art from tented booths.  
SCCS was given a double booth to promote the art of cartooning.  We especially thank our
beloved board member Joe Schmidt for designing and arranging our booth, making our sign,
and keeping the whole thing going for two days.  We also thank the many SCCSers who came
out in droves  to meet and greet the public, talk about our club, draw cartoons and caricatures
and even perform magic tricks (Jim Whiting).  Photos are on our website

Summing up September – We came, we saw, we drew!  And we’re doing it again  November
20 when SCCS’ Caricaturist Crew draws at the annual San Diego Blood Bank & San Diego
Chargers Blood Drive.  Be there or be square!