by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS

Yo SCCSers!  Listen up. I’ve got to send a shot out to my homie Jack White.  If my lingo
is too hip, let me explain…
During last night’s meeting I got distracted and forgot to acknowledge Jack White’s
tremendous contribution of video taping the art demonstrations.  Obviously the
professional newsman is adept on BOTH sides of the camera.  I had NO idea.  
they came out good, to then edit them and post them on the SCCS website.  Our
happened to have a camera and if so, could he please bring it to the meeting.  “Can do,
happened to have a camera and if so, could he please bring it to the meeting.  “Can do,
my little lady.  Don’t you worry about a thing.  I can do it all.”  For a second I thought I
was talking to WC Fields.  
was talking to WC Fields.  

Before the meeting began Jack lugged in his gear silently and stealthily, exactly like the
crew would in a real TV studio.  As a one-man crew - Jack had to be cameraman,
soundman, lights AND director.  

CONFESSION: Our camera miraculously came back to life before the meeting and was
lying in wait in the trunk of our car.  But once we saw that Jack White’s camera made
our camera look like it came from Toys R Us, there was no way we were going to suffer
the humiliation.  After Jack adjusted everything and got the “actor” wired for sound
and in place, he stood for two hours sandwiched between a large camera and a hot
light.  Then, while the rest of us were standing around and schmoozing our heads off,   
Jack silently packed it all up.  Think of that the next time you think show business is
easy.  And then, just like the Lone Ranger dropping two silver bullets in my hand –
Jack hands me two mini video cassettes and disappears into the night before I could
thank him.  So, Mr. White if you’re reading this - Thank You!