by Karyl Miller,prez, SCCS

President’s Mess.
State of the Art
By Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS

Dear fellow cartoonists,

It’s been a year since I became your humble and not-too-tall president.  Time actually does fly
when you’re having fun.  Over the months, we’ve been entertained by fascinating speakers and
drawing demonstrators.  We’ve entertained ourselves partying (most recently at Comic-Con)
and made many new friends. We lent our caricature talents to the San Diego Blood Bank (for
the 20th year!) and to Make-A-Wish.  Every meeting now includes a table full of food and a
table for portfolio feedback.  We thank Lynn Stedd for the generosity of the San Diego Blood
Bank for lending us the ideal meeting place.

We thank our fabulous executive board members who manage keep everything running
smoothly - our website (Jack Zabawa), newsletter (Terry Van Kirk), publicity (Janet Williams),
events and guest speaker procurement (Joe Schmidt), our budget (Lynn Stedd) plus
troubleshooters Dean LeCrone and Ellen Friedman.  We also thank Greg Evans and Jack
White who’re always giving of themselves and who never say no.  

Our meeting fees have been sliced in half.  Our member roll has increased by twenty-five
percent.  Most gratifying: Some of our new members are actually old members who missed us
and came back.  Yea!  But you knew all this.  

So what’s new, you ask?  Well more of the above, plus …Tah Dah!  Saturday and Sunday,
September 22 and 23, SCCS has been invited to participate in Carlsbad’s Art Splash
// , an annual street fair celebrating and promoting art.  Our theme
will be cARTooning is art too!  Our booth will be arranged like a small tented classroom.  
Various SCCS teacher members have volunteered to give short lessons in cartooning and
caricature drawing hourly.  If you’re interested in teaching or just holding down the fort and
yakking it up about SCCS, – there’s a free t-shirt in for you, plus lots and lots of fun!  Call me
ASAP 858.273.4999 or Email me at   

As always, details about future events and maps are always posted on our website
http://www. as soon as they become available, as well as teaching and videos, party
photos, links to our SCCS t-shirt and mug store, member news, member websites &
cartooning links, and even job leads - so remember to log on often.  

Our meeting in September will Tuesday September 11 (because of the Jewish holiday ) and
will be a fun-filled party at the Blood Bank with games like cartoon and comic strip trivia plus a
draw-off contest to see who can draw famous cartoon characters best from memory!  There’ll
be prizes and food!  Don’t forget to bring your assigned dish from the Wheel ‘O Food (on our
website, of course)!  Bring your portfolio or your latest cartoon effort to show off!  Bring a friend
and a pen!  Be there or be square!
Karyl Miller,
prez, SCCS