in memoriam

Just wanted to let you know Fred Falk died yesterday afternoon 11.19.2014,  at
here in La Meas at the Hospice home on Loren street.
He was suffering from cancerous brain tumors.
He had been in Grossmont Hospital before being transferred to hospice about a
week ago.

Fred had moved to Reno, NV, for a short time last spring, and was staying with is
daughter when he
entered the hospital there and was diagnosed with cancer.
He then was taken up to Davis Creek, CA to live with is daughter, out in the sticks
but Fred said no way
and caught a plane, by himself, and flew back to San Diego his home.
The doctors couldn't believe he made it, 11pm at night he shows up at a friends
place and stays a couple days,
then on to his cousins for a couple more days and then into the hospital with brain
bleed, unreal!

He was a beach guy all the way.
He said "I just want to enjoy the rest of my life, kick back, see my family, forget the
stress crap and draw
And he did.
He loved Jack In The Box 2 for $5 sandwiches and root beer, even in hospice and
on oxygen, not able to
swallow, he wanted 4 sandwiches and root beer.
His eyes were bright blue and they still twinkled a bit.

He was a great friend, very funny, kind and flaky all at once.
He was truly a great artist and one of the good guys. IMHO
His web site is still up,
I don't know how long it will be so.
On the side is a list of topics and examples of his work.
So many have moved on and out of the area it's kinda of hard to keep track.
Sooooo, we gotta get some new friends, huh?

My wife had a massive stroke 3 years ago, this Thanksgiving, so I have not been
active lately.
I did make to the Comic Con this year  twice, most really good art related classes
are no more.
I checked out the Comic Fest, had a great time.
Fred wanted to go but just could not get back in time.
He also, like Shel Dolf had diabetes that he fed with his favorite sandwiches and of
course root beer.
His heart was still working up to 40% so what the hell, have a root beer. lol

Fred and I were planning to get out a line of T shirts this past year, even on his
death bed.
It was fun to plan with Fred, lots of laughs, he was to sick to do much else but plan.
What with Chemo Therapy and operations on his shoulder and feet he was just
booked for the duration.
He had to turn down a lot of jobs due to his health.
Anyway, chapter closed.

I have only seen John and Kit Roach , Janet Williams and Dean Le Crone since
not attending the
monthly meetings, I do miss everyone, so did Fred.
WE talked about getting back, asap.
Fred's now is in Toon Heaven and I can't get away doing what I do.
I'm a professional care giver. for my true love.

I understand Jim Whiting has moved north, this past year.
I hope is health is restored so at least he can draw.
He is such a great guy!

Fred drew, toons and fine art, up until almost the very end, he was a generous, a
and funny guy, who kept the faith.
A truly talented artist.
God's Bless Fred and the beach he is drawing on now.