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SCCS Brain trust at SCCS Gallery at Grandma Bebes
Hilltop Hideaway Restaurant Oceanside CA.

l to r: Paul Gringle d. 2012, Paul (Aquaman) Norris d.
2008, Jim Whiting, Charlie Roberts


Comic-Con Kick-Off party
July 25th
Buster's BeachHouse

San Diego Charger's
Blood Drive -
November 26th all day.
(SCCS caricaturists draw
blood donors
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North County SCCS
Thursday of every month.  
Grandma BeeBees
Restaurant in Oceanside


From John Webster ...

I would love to come to
again but... Ever since I
opened a brewery I
spend every Thursday in
the tasting room serving
beer and cooking carne

We have free tacos (no
purchase required)
every Thursday night.
are welcome to stop by
for a beer and a taco.

Also wanted to mention
that 2 weeks ago we did
an art show at the
brewery. It was a big hit.
See the attached Paints
painting of our beer
done with beer!

We are planning to do it
again and it would be
nice to do an all cartoon
show featuring SCCS

Brewery Info:

Aztec Brewing Company
2330 La Mirada Drive,
Vista, CA 92081

On FaceBook at:

Web Site:

Tasting hours:
Thursday 4 pm - 9 pm
(free tacos from
Friday 4 pm - 9 pm
Saturday Noon - 7 pm
Sunday Noon - 5 pm

Paul Gringle RIP 4.21.12

lost an original SCCS
Paul Gringle.
(pictured above in the blue
jacket) Paul was an original
in more ways than one. He
was kind, generous and was
always willing to mentor a
budding cartoonist (like me).
When he moved out of his
apartment (with the help of
Jim Whiting) and into the
military hospital, he donated
his extensive collection of
cartoon memorabilia and art
supplies to SCCS. There
was so much stuff we had to
store it at Jack White's Magic
Museum.  Our sale and in
So sorry to report we have
some cases, give-away of
SCCS piggy bank account
SCCS piggy bank account
by many dollars. He will be
Karyl Miller, prez SCCS
Received a phone call today. Nanci Overpack followed up with an email
a short time later. I'm sending part of it here:
Dear Jim,

I am sure Bernita has told you the sad news about Paul.  He passed
away in the wee hours on Sat. night. I know you two were very good
friends for a very long time.  He was always talking about your
friendship and your artwork, which he greatly admired.  I am sorry you
and Bernita lost a friend.
My reply:
Dear Nanci,

Yes, Bernita told me. Sad news indeed. Paul Gringle and I had many--
many good times together. He was one of the early members of SCCS,
a very talented cartoonist and one who was always willing to help others.

I'll want to forward the information to NCS so that when, during the
Reuben Awards, in May, deceased members are honored, Paul will be
mentioned. He was, as you know, at one time, on the club's roster. Paul
was unique. Gosh, I was aware that Paul had not been in the greatest
of health of late, but I talked with him earlier this month and he was as
upbeat as ever. Another of our ole timers has left us---- a bit poorer.

Thanks for notifying me, Nanci,
From Charlie Roberts:
and I used to pick up
Paul to go to the
monthly dinners at
Hobie the 4th ( our Paul
always loved that part of
the trip.
loved ones close my
friends; life really is too
short ! Respectfully,

From Terry Van Kirk (above)

I am so sad to learn the
news of Paul's passing. I
used to enjoy talking
with him at the San
Diego Con in the past.
---Phil Yeh
From Greg Evans:
Is there anyone who
didn't love Paul? No one
warm and generous. He
was a class act. Not to
mention really talented.
Is there anyone who In
LUANN's early days, he
gave me some he gave
me some valuable tips.
We miss valuable tips.
We miss you, Paul.
Greg Evans

I have many fond
memories of Paul at the
SCCS meetings.  We'll
miss him.  
Andy Mitchell

gates Joe, (nice job).
I asked that Question many times myself,
but that will always be Paul's line.
If I ever ask it again of any one, Paul will
be there with a smile on his face.

I have fond memories of all my
encounters with Paul through out the
I remember he once found us (SCCS
members) work with Joslyn Corporation,
we had a great time there.
I talked with Paul a while back, He was up
beat and excited about yet
another project, he never lost his
enthusiasm for his work and creative

You are deeply missed Paul.

John Wismont

By Joe Schmidt

I talked to Paul about a
month ago and he
seemed his usual jovial
self, so his passing
came as quite a shock.
Mary and I will miss him.

George Gladir
Hi Karyl and Jack,
My sister Susan sent me the link to your site, and I wanted to express
my gratitude to all those that knew and loved my father, and wrote
such kind things.  In this time of loss, it’s comments from people like
those on the site that assure us he had a great cartooning family that
supported and loved him.  To see that he had an impact on so many
really helps us get through these difficult times.  Thank you all and
God bless.

Thank you,
Mark Gringle
To the SCCS Community that our father, Paul Gringle, loved so much,
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts about our dad. And a
special thanks to Joe for that great piece.  Our pop lived and breathed
cartooning and constantly spoke of his SCCS friends.  The calls,
letters and memories of his time with you was indeed a high point in his
life, particularly in his later years. He was honored to be among such
talented and creative artists, and frequently regaled us with your latest
accomplishments.  And, although in his last years his body was failing,
his sense of humor was not. Up until the end, Dad was coming up with
gags and ideas for new strips and had even set up an art studio in
which to work at the VA Home in Barstow.
Remarkably, he kept hardly any of his own work. So, if anyone has a
piece of his work they'd be willing to send to my brother and I, we'd be
With love and appreciation from his kids,
Susan & Mark Gringle

I am saddened by the news of
Paul. He was very kind to me
and I considered him a friend.
in memoriam